EDA Toolkit is a web-based application for viewing physiological data streams with (or without) synchronized video. The application is entirely browser based, uses HTML5 and SVG to do all rendering, requires no plugins, and supports drag and drop of both EDA files and video as well as folders containing EDA and video intended to be viewed together.

Heard enough? Go ahead and Try it now!

  • Simple — Drag and drop files or a folder to load all your data. Time synchronization is handled automatically, the system reads all .eda files natively and is compatible with any timeseries data which follows a simple CSV timestamping convention.
  • Secure — All data stays locally on your computer so nothing is uploaded to a remote server, ensuring both data security and performance.
  • Fast — Uses WebWorkers to dynamically filter and downsample data ensuring consistent performance even with millions of data points.
  • Flexible — Easily configure which data channels you want to view, re-size, re-order data series and add/edit annotations on the fly.
  • Open — All the source code is available on Github.
  • For the app to automatically time align your video with physiology data, you need to name your video file with the date and time in a specific format:
    “YYYY-mm-dd HH_MM_SS.MP4”, for example “2014-08-26 13_06_48.MP4”.